Some Sort of Update for 2017



Who am I now?

Not much is changed, still the chubby fella with packed hate with all of people. Not you Tom Hardy. I love you.  Anyways, I figured “hey. why not vomit some words?” I had an itch and wanted to at least visit this blog, it’s been a while, I was rereading how melodramatic I can be. OMG. what a weakling  ha-ha.

Yeah. about the update. Hmm.. let’s see.

Still Fat. Still working at the same company. Still attending all the gatherings I go every year. I gained a few friends.  a little bit of enemies, but meh, They dont exist in my timeline anymore, yep, like they never existed. Still love Doctor Who. I dyed my hair blue for a change though, just decided, I want color other than red, then bam! blue motherfucker. I also got some cool tattoos, learned to smoke weed, got dicked down, (yeaaaahhhh I wore batman panties to show my dominance lol )  you know, the usual coming-of-age.  I have been seating on the same office chair for 6 years, the sad thing is, I haven’t farted in it to make it official.

I should travel.  maybe I need is to see the world. LIKE WORLD not just San Diego or Las Vegas drinking vodka and touching men’s abs and crotches.

So. yeah. who knows If I’m going to continue blogging my life again. I have so much rage now. SO MUCH.  *fist in the air*

Ohh I got comicon tickets, finally! yeah? YEAH!

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